Frozen Deluxe Round Rustic Bread

Frozen Deluxe Round Rustic Bread


Price per Pack (36x180g)

Acid intense flavour. Our homage to tradition. Round bread offers more crumb and a thinner, crispier crust. Perfect for sharing at the table. Neutral breads do not interfere with the flavor of the food and therefore go well with any dish or pairing. They are ideal for serving with tomato, olive oil and salt.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, wholegrain rye flour, natural ferment.

Product of Spain

We suggest serving it as a toasted base for a sweet elaboration; mató, honey, grain and basil. 

Defrosting (35min): the defrosting process is very important with prebaked bread because it is necessary in order for the bread to retain all its organoleptic properties once it is baked, including crispiness, scent and texture.
Baking (300˚): the bread must be baked in a preheated ventilated oven. As a general rule, it is very important for the bread to be baked on a wire rack instead of on a baking sheet because the air circulation is not homogenous and it would yield bread that is soft inside.
Time (15min): it is very important to respect the recommended baking time to get a regular crust and colour all over the piece, both on top and beneath, rendering it much more palatable.


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