Buffalo Burratina 150g - 4pcs
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Buffalo Burratina 150g - 4pcs


Price per 1 bag (600g)

Caseificio Ponte di Legno is a small producer located in Amaseno (FR) in Lazio region. Currently, about 500 buffalos are used for the production of mozzarella cheese, knots, braids, fresh ricotta and smoked, cheeses, scamorza, caciocavalli, smoked mozzarella, ricotta dried, smoked cheese, first white salt, spiced or seasoned, and the creamy cheese. The whole production is made exclusively with 100 percent of buffalo milk that is handcrafted raw without pasteurization.

Burratina is a cheese made of spun dough of buffalo cheese with a ball of butter in the middle. The butter is made with the remaining whey from the cheese dough production, and is separated and given a round shape. During the production of the cheese dough, little dough sacks are made with butter in the middle. The name depends on the shape; when it’s small with a little head it’s called burratina and when it’s large and completely round it’s called burrata.

It is usually served fresh and at room temperature. Once opened the cheese must be eaten immediately. The flavour and different textures of the inside and outside make it go well with salad, prosciutto, hard and crusty bread, fresh tomato with olive oil and cracked black pepper, or pasta.

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