Pecorino Romano POD
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Pecorino Romano POD


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According to the PDO regulation, Pecorino Romano can be produced in many regions of Lazio, Sardinia and Tuscany. This has an historical reason: at the beginning on the '900 Pecorino Romano experienced a huge increase in sales, but Sopravvisana sheeps in Lazio were not enought to keep up with the demand for sheep's milk and, moreovere, there were not enoght space in Lazio to enlarge the farms. Then farmers looked for similar areas and similar sheeps races: Sarda race resulted to be the more suitable and Pecorino Romano started to be produced in Sardinia as well. It is produced with raw milk obtained from sheeps of Siciliana, Comisana, Sarda and Sopravvisana race. The rind is straw yellow, covered with a black coat. The paste is hard with few eyes, white or pale yellow in colour. The taste is strong, salty and sharp.

Try it 'alla romana', with hand baked bread and broad beans. Traditionally used also grated on 'carbonara' or to prepare 'cacio e pepe', a typical roman recipe for a pasta, dressed up only with grated Pecorino Romano and black pepper.

Perfect with Abate pears.

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