Cooked Ham
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Cooked Ham


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The name Levoni conjures up a tradition where mouthwatering aromas uniquely combine with distinctive flavours to create truly exceptional Salumi. Levoni Salumi, prime quality deli meats, are indeed "Quelli Buoni", that is, "The Good Ones". Because right from the creation of their very first salami, the Levoni family has refused to compromise on quality.Levoni cooked hams are made exclusively from the best pork legs, which are deboned in such way that the muscle mass and the organoleptic features of meat are left intact. The selected pork legs are seasoned following an exclusive Levoni recipe, they are delicately and slowly massaged to allow for a better absorption of flavourings and a better cohesion of the muscle mass. Finally, the product undergoes a slow steam cooking.When slicing Levoni cooked hams, their texture is tender with a rosy colour and a firm compact fat. Taste is always mild and delicate, balanced and natural. All our cooked hams are gluten and lactose free.


Ingredients: 80g grated Emmentaler, 8 eggs, 4 tablespoons milk, 4 slices of ham, 2 handfuls of cooked green beans, 4 tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper.

Mix the eggs for 2 minutes with the milk and a pinch of salt and pepper. You can prepare the individual omelets or make one great. Anoint a pan with a little oil, heat it over medium heat for 2 minutes until boiling and then pour the mixture. Cook for 6 minutes until the bottom is browned, then fill it with ham, cheese and green beans cut into small pieces. Fold the omelette in half, closing it on itself, and serve it hot accompanied with other beans and slices of toast.

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