Viola COLLERUITA Extra Vergin Olive Oil 0.5 LT

Viola COLLERUITA Extra Vergin Olive Oil 0.5 LT


Price per 1 pack

Appearance: limpid after filtering
Density: average fluidity
Colour: green with a slight golden tinge
Aroma: complex and definite, with clear scent of arti-choke and freshly mown grass
Flavour: mouth-filling, intense, with hints of thistle, artichoke, black pepper and almond on finish. Both the bitter and pungent notes are medium intense.

With an intriguing aroma, it is ideal with lentil or vegetable soups, tuna and swordfish carpaccio; it enhances the taste of beef tagliata and barbecued lamb chops, penny bun salads and vegetables au gratin. It can be used to prepare olive oil ice cream to serve with berries sauce.

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