Cow Milk Fiordilatte Cherries 10gr x 20

Cow Milk Fiordilatte Cherries 10gr x 20


20pcs of 10gr each

An excellent cow milk mozzarella, with a delicate milk scent and intense flavor, processed according to tradition and produced with care. Naturally tasty, for the whole family. A daily goodness to be enjoyed fresh. Thanks to the packaging, the mozzarella remains immersed in the liquid, thus maintaining its properties and taste unaltered.


Cow's milk mozzarella is a fresh cheese, or dairy product, made from whole cow's milk with a spun paste, obtained with a technique almost identical to that of buffalo mozzarella from Campania, with which it must not be confused. It is produced throughout Italy and for centuries in the Center and South; some scholars believe it is originally from Campania. Its origins in any case are very ancient and must be placed between Puglia and Campania; the question of the true primacy of origin still remains controversial. In 1996 it obtained the traditional speciality guaranteed certification.

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