Salame Stroghino di Culatello

Salame Stroghino di Culatello


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The Stroghino is a small salami weighing approximately 190 grams which is easy to slice and finish in just one snack. Cut into thick slices which melt in your mouth. 
The Strolghino resulting from the mixture of pure lean pork meat, is seasoned only 20 days as it must be eaten fresh, 
Very lean, delicate and above all sweet, it delights the palates of the few who know it and, due to the small quantities produced, have the opportunity to savor it.  
Because it is made into sausages using very thin guts, it is shipped wrapped up in the straw paper used by old salami sellers in our area.

The Strolghino is eaten as an appetizer, to be served on a cutting board, together with some dried croutons or slices of fragrant bread. You can also accompany it with some flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano and other sausages typical of the province of Parma.
The right combination with a wine? Better to choose fresh and delicate wines, both still and sparkling.



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