How to Order

Ordering from Buonissimo is really easy.

Add to cart

Once you have registered you need only to go on the "start shopping" page, choose the category. Click on the product to have a description and, if you want to add it to your cart, click on the basket icon. If you don't need to read the description, you can easily add the product to your cart clicking the basket icon under the picture.

Fresh Supply

We receive our fresh food twice a week directly from Italy. Air-flown items, such as fresh cheese, vegetables and fruits, arrive in Hong Kong from Italy every Monday and Thursday and require advance ordering. Orders placed and confirmed by Thursday (before 12noon) will be delivered on the following Tuesday; orders placed and confirmed by Monday (before 12noon) will be delivered on the following Friday.


To procede to the check out, click proceede to check out in the lower right corner; you will be redirected to the payment page, where once the quantities are confirmed (in this page you can update the quantity or delate any article), you will need to select the preferred payment method.

It's almost done, check your personal details, the delivery address (here you can indicate the delivery address in case it is different from the billing one), the date and time of delivery (depending on the area we can or cannot guarantee a time frame for the delivery) and click ok to submit the order. 

It's done, you will receive a confirmation email in your registered email address with all the order details and payment method.


We offer free delivery for purchase over 800HKD.
For purchase under this amount, we will charge 100HK$ for any delivery address covered by our courier; in case you delivery address is out of the area covered by the courier, we will contact you before processing the order, to arrange the delivery.

Deliveries to the Airport and same day deliveries will incur and additional shipping charge.

Payment Methods. 

We accept different ways of payment, cheque, bank deposit, bank transfer (please input all the bank charges to the sender, to be sure we will recevie the exact amount), paypal and credit card, but we also use an account system. 

All the invoices must be paid within 7 working days form the date they have been issued.

Why Buonissimo uses an account system?

Convenience and Security.  After you have added value to your account you can comfortably allow other family members or domestic helpers to use your account to purchase goods for your household. The account system is secure and simple.

Buying Buonissimo credit is very simple: just select the amount of credit you require and the payment method you wish to use.  Then follow the instructions on the screen.  Remember the more credit you buy the more Buonissimo bonus credit you receive.

Weight fluctuations and pricing.

This product is cut fresh when you order and requires weighing before final price is available.

For many products we sell, like cheese, sliced meats and vegetables, the price is based on the weight of the product.  As our products are fresh and are not pre-cut, we don't know the exact price until we cut the products for your order.  So we can not provide the exact price when you place your order. Although we aim to keep fluctuations to an absolute minimum, they will occur; therefore we believe that the account system allows us the flexibility to make minor price adjustments easily.  Of course any unused credit on your account is carried forward and available for your next order.  

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