Sanelli Ambrogio

Sanelli Ambrogio is focusing on manufacturing high quality professional knives and kitchen tools, with a wide range of products, a good customer care and excell value price. 
Premana, village in Alta Valsassina valley in Italian Alps, with long history and tradition in mining and iron production, nowadays is well-known all around the world for knives and scissors production. In 1863 founder Ambrogio Sanelli, after the experience acquired as blacksmith in Venice, here started the manufacturing process of several types of blades, at the very beginning only for the local community but soon after for the whole Italy. Sharpening and grinding are made by experienced craftmen, leading our products to be unique professional tools. The specific percentages of Carbon, Crome, Molibdenum and Vanadium in our steel lead our knives to show the optimal hardness, corrosion resistance and excellent sharpening and durability. 

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