Cantabrico Yurrita Anchovies 50gr

Cantabrico Yurrita Anchovies 50gr



The Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea are bought directly from the fishing boats, only selecting the freshest and optimum-sized anchovies. These are salted and packed in traditional cans and cured for at least 20 months. The anchovy fillets are prepared by hand and traditionally. Preparing a good anchovy requires three major factors: a long maturing period under a controlled temperature, the salted anchovies must be properly washed in order to achieve the right saltiness and finally slicing them “conscientiously” so as to cut and get rid of all the bones.


Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil Yurrita, the best anchovies in the Bay of Biscay, salted and dried to can it clean in perfect conditions. As a result we obtain meaty and tender anchovies with an excellent flavor and texture. Its aroma reminds us of a sterling "sea ham".



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