Crown Prince Pumpkin

Crown Prince Pumpkin



Crown Prince pumpkins are large, round to ovate fruits, averaging 25-35 centimeters in diameter, and have a flattened shape with shallow ribbing. The rind is firm, dense, smooth, and ranges in color from silver to blue-grey. Underneath the surface, the flesh is bright orange, dense, waxy, and dry, encasing a central cavity filled with moderately sized, flat, cream-colored seeds. Crown Prince pumpkins hold their shape well when cooked and develop a tender, soft consistency with a honey-sweet, nutty flavor.


Crown Prince pumpkins are a good source of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that creates the orange pigment found in the flesh and can be converted into vitamin A within the body. The squashes also contain fiber, which can help regulate digestion.



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