Dried Extra Porcini Mushrooms 450g

Dried Extra Porcini Mushrooms 450g


Price per pack 450g

Their taste lends itself to the Italian cooking and its traditional recipes, like risottos or sauces; but the dried Porcini's intense flavour makes them useful in a vast range of traditional and new recipes.


The risotto with porcini mushrooms is a classic recipe for cooking the mushrooms. A dish that smells of wood, ideal for a winter dinner with friends and a good glass of wine.

INGREDIENTS: 320gr of rice, 20g of dried porcini mushrooms, 60g of Parmesan cheese, 1 liter of broth, 1 small onion, 1/2 glass of white wine, 20 grams butter, olive oil, salt

Preparation: Put the dried mushrooms soaked in a soaking in warm water for at least two hours. Prepare the broth with 1 liter of water and an onion, a carrot, a strain of celery and a potato. In a saucepan, put the butter and oil and sauté the finely chopped onion inside. Then add the mushrooms and rice. Cook for a couple of minutes then add the white wine and let it evaporate. At this point add a quantity of broth to cover the rice and just begin to turn. Season with salt and turn the rice during cooking, adding broth so that the rice is always covered. When cooked, add the parmesan cheese, stir and serve hot.



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