Nugat with Almond Nuts, 250gr

Nugat with Almond Nuts, 250gr


Price per piece 250g

With the strength of experience passed down for four generations, we select the raw ingredients with uncompromising attention. All is made from quality ingredients for natural, non-artificial products. In our torrone and sweet truffles there are no preservatives added. 

Fragrant honey, refined sugar, pure chocolate minimum 50% cocoa enhance the unique taste of our PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts. The ones we use are the result of a zero km supply chain. We buy hazelnuts in their shell from farmers in the countryside whom we know personally; we shell them; we select them; we toast them in small batches with the traditional hot air system, just before using them in our doughs.

The quality of raw ingredients and a skilful process translate to an unmistakable taste.

Gluten Free



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