Organic Fusilli Farro-Spelt Monograno Felicetti 500g

Organic Fusilli Farro-Spelt Monograno Felicetti 500g



Farro Fusilli are a rural festivity, a bacchanal of genuine and joyful flavours. Their coils can hold the densest and richest sauces, but even simpler vegetable combinations are greatly enhanced by this shape’s endless spiral.

The highest quality pasta, made with the world's most exceptional grains: Matt, KHORASAN Kamut, Farro and Cappelli. Our Master Pasta-Makers skillfully transform these prized grain varieties into art, full of emotion with a harmony of fragrances and flavors.

Farro (Spelt) has been in use for thousands of years, since the ancient days of Celts, Egyptians and Etruscans. Today, our skillful pasta makers know how to truly make the best of it. While it cooks, this pasta emits a distinct scent of fresh hazelnut and grilled.



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