Carasatu bread, traditional thin carasatu 1kg

Carasatu bread, traditional thin carasatu 1kg


Price per pack 1kg

From the heart of Sardinia is born Premiato Panificio Artigianale Giulio Bulloni, which since 1970 provides us with the bread of the ancient shepherds, thin fragrant and tasty, handcrafted according to the ancient recipe of Bitti, city of origin of Bulloni's family. Bread Carasatu is better known as "Carta da Musica" (... try a disc of light bread carasatu means playing a hymn to the sun).

Ingredients : water, yeast, flour, wheat flour and salt

Thin, fragrant and tasty, it goes well accompanied by meats, cheeses, seafood entrees and is great for preparing receives a variety of traditional as the famous "Bread Frattau", or imaginative sandwiches and dessert.



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