Pink Grapefruit from Sicily
該產品是切新鮮當您以最終價格之前,需要稱重。 這些產品並沒有存貨,只會每週兩次由義大利新鮮送達。

Pink Grapefruit from Sicily


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Organic Pink Grapefruit ( cv . Star Ruby ) from Sicily, grown with the method of organic farming. Organic citrus like these give very tasty and nutritious recipes. The colors of organic Pink Grapefruit are more ' alive and properties ' are beneficial for the body. Quality of Pink Organic Grapefruit(Star Ruby ): Pulp juicy and bitter at the right point, seedless. Special characteristic of Organic Pink Grapefruit (Star Ruby ): Exceptional for juices due to high juice yield, presence of pigment anthocyanin antioxidants that give the pink color, have high digestive properties and are particularly diuretics.


Ingredients (for two people):2 slices of chicken breast,1 pink grapefruit, salt & pepper, mixed salad to serve

PREPARATION: cut in half grapefruit, squeeze the juice and keep aside. The juice should not be filtered. Cook for a few minutes the chicken in a nonstick pan without adding fat; when it is browned pour the grapefruit juice and let it dry until it is caramelized. Adjust salt and pepper and serve with mixed salad to taste.



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