Organic Sponcio Dolomite Yellow Polenta Flour

Organic Sponcio Dolomite Yellow Polenta Flour


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Sponcio maize is an antique variety of grain that has been impollinated naturally, it has been cultivated since the end of the 1800's Val Belluna, next to the Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi, in particular in Cesiomaggiore, Feltre e Santa Giustina.

The intense orange colour and the traditonal stone grinding makes it the ideal variety to use for the strong mountain polenta, thick,strong,dark yellow with a strong smell and tiny brown particles of straw

Sponcio maize and it's polenta flour are inserted in the National list of Traditional Foodstuffs and in the list of the Veneto Region for varieties at risk of genetic erosion and worth being exploited. To protect the products and the producers, in January 2008 a consortium for the protection of Sponcio Maize was founded, that today includes about 20 farmers, for a total of about 13 cultivated hectares. All the production is done only in the Belluno territory, according to a technical discipline, eco consistent, that controls the phases of tillage, drying, grinding and packaging. An agreement between the partners has given the Coop. Agr. La Fiorita of Cesiomaggiore, the possibility of promoting and selling the product



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