Milk Fed Veal French Rack 2 Kg

Milk Fed Veal French Rack 2 Kg


Estimated price per 2.5kg

Calves in herds playing with hanging balls? Yes! Peter's Farm calves live in herds. They choose when and how much they want to eat and whether they wish to move about, stand, lie down, play or sleep. 

Animal welfare and the freedom and rest enjoyed by the calves is reflected in the quality, tenderness and flavour of Peter's Farm Veal. Food Safety is maximum guaranteed and the transparency of Peter's Farm gives you the possibility to trace the products back to the farm.

Origin Holland


INGREDIENTS: 2.5 kilograms of Veal rack, garlic, pork bacon, rosemary, white wine, salt and pepper.

PREPARATION: Using a small knife, make a few small engravings on the pulp and introduce a bunch of rosemary, garlic and bacon sticks into each one. Roll the bones with aluminum foil, put the pan in a baking tray covered with baking paper, add salt, and pepper, distribute a nut of butter between the bones out in the oven at 200 °. As soon as the meat is browned, sprinkle it with white wine, lower the temperature to 180 ° and cook for a couple of hours.



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