Whole Guinea Foul ready for Oven
該產品是切新鮮當您以最終價格之前,需要稱重。 這些產品並沒有存貨,只會每週兩次由義大利新鮮送達。

Whole Guinea Foul ready for Oven


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Guinea fowl meat is white like chicken but its taste is more reminiscent of pheasant, without excessive gamey flavor. They offer exceptionally high yields -a 50/50 ratio between meat and carcass: these are moist and meaty birds! They are also substantially leaner than chicken (see our nutritional information for details). Chefs and home cooks seek them out because of their marvelous flavor; in restaurants, they are often chosen over pheasants because they have fewer tendons in the leg and thigh, making this part of the bird more versatile and cost effective.

*country of origin: France


INGREDIENTS: 1 whole guinea fowl, 100g of bacon, 2 cloves of garlic, dried oregano, sage, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

PREPARATION: Carefully add salt to the guinea fowl, previously gutted and cleaned. Peel the cloves of garlic, cut in half and place them inside the meat with sage. Wrap the guinea hen with slices of lean pancetta, putting sage between the meat and the bacon. Tie it with kitchens strings, so that the bacon remains well attached to the guinea fowl, then you place the guinea fowl gently in a pan with a little oil and cook in preheated oven at 200 ° C for at least an hour (taking great note that the slices of bacon external do not burn).

Serve on a large platter garnished with raw vegetables to beautify everything.



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