Weisswürstel White Wurstel - Bernardi 300gr

Weisswürstel White Wurstel - Bernardi 300gr


3 pieces 100gr each

Bavarian white sausages - weisswürste in German - are a real delicacy of Bavarian cuisine that you can taste anywhere in Munich.

These sausages are one of the best typical local dishes based on veal and pork, flavored with parsley, lemon and onion, to be enjoyed mainly for breakfast, as the tradition of these Bavarian specialties dictates.

Obviously, the pretzel, sweet mustard - senf in German - as well as a mug of beer as a side dish cannot be missing with Bavarian frankfurters.

Before the diffusion of the refrigerator, Bavarian white sausages were produced only in the morning and then eaten categorically by 12.00, due to the deterioration of the product.



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