Wurstel Weisswurst Valdivu`

Wurstel Weisswurst Valdivu`


about 250g per pack

This is the typical Bavarian "white sausage", unsmoked and flavored with fresh parsley, made with local pork, sea salt and natural spices. Stuffed in natural casing.
It is served on the table still immersed in hot water, and then cut on a plate, sprinkled with sweet mustard and accompanied by the typical "pretzel" bread, as is used in Munich, or with wholemeal or rye bread. Also try with a sweet and sour sauce. It goes well with wheat weizen light beers or unstructured red wines, such as Marzemino.
The Valdivù line is produced with carefully selected raw materials and no preservatives, polyphosphates, lactose, milk proteins, additives for a healthy, highly digestible and naturally tasty product.



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