San Pellegrino Limonata


1 box 24 bottles per 20cl

Zesty and lemony on the tongue and the palate, with a full pleasant taste. Made with the finest lemons, sun-ripened in the South of Italy, Limonata - a real thirst-quenching beverage - is rich in juice. It has a very pleasant fresh, slightly acid taste, to be enjoyed chilled. Since the beginning, Aranciata was sold in a highly distinctive club-shaped glass bottle, known as “clavetta” - still very popular today - with a surface resembling the peel of citrus fruit, both to the touch and sight. Over time, this small bottle, synonym of preciousness, has become an authentic icon for the brand. The Sparkling Fruit Beverages’ paper label reflects the naturalness of the product. It’s a fresh and trendy package, featuring the image of a citrus fruit while bearing a strong resemblance to the San Pellegrino brand label, with its famous Belle Époque charm and flair, cyan colour and - most of all - its central red star. The Sparkling Fruit Beverages’ cans bear marks of the same visual identity and with their Eco-cap - the separate foil coverlid which acts as a dust cover - are 100% recyclable.


酒廠: San Pellegrino
地區: Lombardia
酒瓶尺寸: 0.2l



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