Package of Limoncello di Sorrento IGP, Agrumello and Finocchietto Liqueur

Package of Limoncello di Sorrento IGP, Agrumello and Finocchietto Liqueur

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Piemme is a modern spirits producer company, leader in the agro-food and liqueur sector, which produces Limoncello, Babà and its specialties respecting tradition. The company was born in 1969 on the initiative of Sorrentine artisans dedicated to the production of lemon-based confectionery specialties and the more traditional Limoncello.

With this special package we offer one bottle each of:

Limoncello Sorrento IGP 700ml: produced within its own company.In fact the infusion phase in pure alcohol and beet sugar (without any additive, syrup or sweetener), the extraction of the skins from the containers (in which the precious infusion remains) and the bottling are carried out in about 4-7 days in the internal laboratory of Piemme, a true bastion of craftsmanship but characterized by technological innovation and strict quality controls.

Agrumello Citrus Fruits Liqueur 500ml: Agrumello liqueur is the combination of fresh flavors and intense aromas of the citrus fruits of the Sorrento Peninsula make the Agrumello Piemme a product of extraordinary uniqueness.Orange, mandarin and lemon are combined in this liqueur with strong Mediterranean notes.

Finocchietto Wild Fennel Liqueur 500ml: Liquore Finocchietto scent and the extraordinary aroma of fruits and cultivations typical of the Mediterranean scrub, with the usual attention of Piemme to the excellence of the raw materials used, are the distinctive traits of the proposed liqueurs: digestive, refreshing or full-bodied, satisfying every taste inclination of those whotaste them.




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