Seccal Valpolicella Ripasso Classico DOC


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Gambero Rosso
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Grappoli AIS
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91 / 100

The Valpolicella Classico Ripasso "Seccal" by Nicolis tells the soul of the wine, the soul of the earth comes from, the history of the Nicolis; a family has always been linked to the art of viticulture. We are located in San Pietro in Cariano, in the heart of the Classic Valpolicella, and the sensitivity with which the Nicolis family cultivates the vine is something unique. Small valleys and rolling hills, mild climate and rich beautiful promises; promises that with time have always been kept, promises that give rise to unique wines such as Valpolicella Classico Ripasso "Seccal", fermented in a second maceration on the skins still intact and sweet of Amarone and Recioto. A "Ripasso", in fact, that gives more body to the wine evolves nicely even in its aroma, its color and its alcohol content. So we have a wine that more maturation for the "Seccal" up to 16 months in Slavonian oak casks. A Valpolicella Classico Ripasso who gave us her scent more authentic, more intense and more distinctive: ripe fruit, hints of spice and hints of tobacco. A Valpolicella Classico Ripasso from the great body, generous and persistent, which is always a very good figure when you are a guest at a dinner party.


酒廠: Nicolis
地區: Veneto
使用葡萄: 70% Corvina Veronese
20% Rondinella
5% Molinara
5% Croatina
風格: The wine goes well with all types of hearty first courses as well as with grilled meat, roast, red meat, game, and cheese. The wine should be opened at least one hour before serving.
釀造工藝: This wine, obtained from the grapes harvested in the vineyard called with the same name, is left to referment with the skins of the Amarone and Recioto grapes, which are still intact and slightly sweet.
年份: In this way the body, colour, extract, aromas and alcoholic content of the wine are increased and the wine becomes more suited for a long aging in Slavonia oak barrels, where it remains for 16 months. The ageing in the bottle is at least six months before
葡萄收成期: 2013
酒精: 13.5%
酒瓶尺寸: 0.75l
顏色: Strong ruby red colour.
味道: Full-bodied, generous, warm and long lasting. It leaves a pleasant dry and sapid mouth.
香氣: Intense, classic bouquet which suggests ripe fruit, spices and tobacco.



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