White Vermouth Riserva Carlo Alberto

White Vermouth Riserva Carlo Alberto


Price per bottle 0,75l

Vermut Bianco is a great classic of Italian tradition as aperitif but also as great after dinner, protagonist of the salons and bars, a product of great tradition. The Reserve Carlo Alberto named in honor of the Italian King Carlo Alberto, particularly lover of Vermut, representing since 1837 a great excellence in the field, producing a full and consistent range. This White Vermouth comes from a careful selection of 25 herbs and spices and is characterized by a unique and enveloping taste that best reveals its low temperature character, smooth or in addition to all the classic cocktails that the company requires.


風格: Deliciously sweet. Full-bodied and long-term, it helps to display images of summer walks through the vineyards where the scents of wild herbs free spirit, which inspires the man’s passion for the dream.
酒精: 18.0%
酒瓶尺寸: 0.75l
顏色: Very bright moon light color.
味道: The taste is full and enveloping, with a good taste progression, featuring numerous fresh citrus and wild herbs, in a dry and long lasting finish.
香氣: To the nose it reveals delicious sweet vanilla and mandarin aromas, along with vegetable sensations of lime, sage and mint and intense notes of cinnamon, purple and cardamom.



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