Vermouth Extra Dry Riserva Carlo Alberto

Vermouth Extra Dry Riserva Carlo Alberto


Price per bottle 0,75l

Since 1837 the Carlo Alberto Reserve produces an absolute quality Turin's Vermouth and the Extra Dry version is surely the most versatile and drinkable, ideal as an aperitif, even mixed, or for after dinner thanks to the high digestive value of the Herbs used for its composition. From its decisively dry character, this Vermouth is flavored with 21 herbs and spicesand the starting point is the white wine of Erbaluce Caluso and the more famous Moscato d’Asti. An exquisite white in aroma and freshness that meets orange, cinnamon, saffron, thyme and much more, expressing great elegance and sophistication in a perfect and harmonious body.


風格: This dry Vermouth is flavored with 21 herbs and precious spices. All our Vermouth have only one filtration to preserve their originality, the scents and the delicate ingredients.
酒精: 18.0%
酒瓶尺寸: 0.75l
顏色: Very light straw yellow with slight greenish veins and great brightness.
味道: The olfactory softness is found in the tasting, in a round body but with a dry and slender taste, definitely fresh and with a great tastiness, which leaves the mouth clean, dry and fragrant.
香氣: The nose expresses a wide aromatic flavor in which jasmine, gentian, lime and wild herbs run along with puffy soft spices such as saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon.



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