Villa Zarri - Full Grade 21 years


price per bottle 0,500Lt

The brandy is aged in small new oaken barrels, then it is transferred into the so-called exhausted barred, which are almost texclusively used for the tannin and alcoho loxidation process. At this point, our brandy acquires its full strength and is ready ,without adding any distilled water, which would lower its alcoholic strength. The result is a pure product, totally natural and endowed with a strong identity.

Due to its high alcoholic strength, between 55 and 59 percent, in order to taste it optimally, it is recommendable to prepare your palate and throat by sipping a single drop of brandy, spreading it on your palate with your tongue. Having stimulated the perception of your whole mouth, the real tasting starts with small draughts, while always keeping a glass of water at hand in order to heighten its aromas. Dedicated to those who can enjoy strong and determined tastes, Villa Zarri full proof Vintage Brandies are ideal when associated with simple tastes, such as intense plain chocolate ,dry fruits, dates, marbled cheeses ,smoked meats ,or if sipped with a good , traditionallcigar.


酒廠: Villa Zarri
地區: Emilia-Romagna



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