INSERBO The excellence of the tomatoes

The excellence of the tomatoes grown in the Salerno and Naples land has always been a protagonist of Italian cuisine, and offers scented varieties prized and appreciated for their true flavor. An indispensable element in the dishes of the beautiful country, and even more so for the family tradition bell. Witness the ancient custom, which survived until recently, to meet between families in the streets, in the old doors and wards, to achieve together jars and bottles to be stored in the pantry in the rest of the year.

Inserbo born not to lose this good habit, with the aim to prepare always genuine and homemade products. With a rich local heritage, it offers its new and exclusive vision, dedicated to authenticity, typicality and advantages of glass as a conservation method.

The Inserbo recipe promotes local plantations: San Marzano tomato DOP by agribusiness Sarnese Nocerino, the tomato Corby by the Lattari Mountains and the tomato Piennolo Vesuvius PDO from the volcano land. Not to mention, then, the BIO production: maximum expression of authenticity and goodness, is preserved in glass and obtained exclusively using raw materials from organic farming.

From today, our history is also yours.

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