Monograno Felicetti

Monograno: the name in itself tells the story of this unique project. A single type of wheat, a single mill that grinds it into flour, a single goal: the pursuit of quality, which to us means producing food that is delicious, healthy and safe. We take the wheat from the field to your table with minimal processing, preserving its distinctive natural qualities. Matt, Kamut, Farro and Il Cappelli: these superior wheat are different shades on a broad palette of sensory experiences. Monograno means way more than just texture or flavor: it is a journey of exploration.

The Chefs Carlo Cracco, Luca Fantin and Norbert Niederkofler they cooked Monograno Pasta, reinvented it, and sublimated it, but it has always stayed the same. Above all, great chefs who chose Monograno Felicetti for their creations have loved it from the very first moment, when the scent of raw pasta touching the boiling water has sparked their curiosity and experimentations, pushing the creative potential of pasta to the limits.



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