Sarda Affumicati

From Sardinia’s most beautiful and least inhabited coastal area, Sarda Affumicati brings you a selection of smoked and cured fish products made according to local fishermen’s traditions, using the most intensely aromatic mediterranean herbs. Sarda Affumicati was born in 1989 as a spin off from Acquacoltura Pizzu Rocca - the first fish farming company in Sardinia - with the aim of vertically integrating into fish smoking from the eel farming operations which Acquacoltura Pizzu Rocca already operates in Buggerru, in the province of Cagliari, along Sardinia’s south-eastern coastline. Early market tests for Sarda Affumicati’s Smoked Eels and Smoked Eel Fillets were all very encouraging. Production started in 1990 and soon expanded into Swordfish, Salmon, Trout, Grouper, Angler, Mackerel and Sturgeon smoking. Soon afterwards, Sarda Affumicati began to produce and market its Mullet Bottarga, a quintessential Sardinian food product, made from dried and cured mullet eggs. Along with Mullet Bottarga came Tuna Bottarga, another typical Sardinian delicacy. In the mid 1990s, a new line addition was born: the Veggie-Seafood Gourmet Recipes in jar.

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