Premium Baerii Rare Caviar

Premium Baerii Rare Caviar


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This Rare Baerii is exceptional caviar comes from the Siberian Sturgeons farmed in France, Bordeaux for OVER 10 Years. As a result is UNUSUAL big grains with a tender structure just melt in your mouth uncovering the subtle nutty flavor with sea note. 
Sturgeon type: Acipenser Baerii Rare
Sturgeon Age: 11 years
Ingredients : Sturgeon roes, salt 3,9%. No preservative added.
Colour: Beautiful  dark grey colour
Size : OVER 3.1 mm
Taste Notes:  Large sized beads is very soft and thin that makes the caviar very delicate and it nearly melts in your mouth brimming the palate with tender lightly salted buttery and sea flavour.

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