Italian Garlic
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Italian Garlic


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Italian garlic can easily be distinguished from other garlics by its appearance. Its solid bulb is almost uniformly round. The bulb contains a thick central stem and about six to eight plump cream colored cloves encased in a relatively easy-to-peel skin. The cloves are aromatic, spicy, rich and bold in flavor, and which only increases with maturity. When eaten raw, a little bit goes a long way. With Italian purple garlic, Its flavor lingers for quite a while.

Garlic is used in a variety of dishes. It is only when garlic cloves are cut or crushed, and the cellular walls breached, that an odor-causing reaction takes place, as the enzymes mix with volatile sulfur-containing compounds. Crushing, chopping, pressing or pureeing garlic releases more of its essential oils and provides a sharper, more assertive flavor than slicing or leaving whole.

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