Fresh Australian Truffle - Extra Quality Grade
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Fresh Australian Truffle - Extra Quality Grade


estimated price per 100gr

Minimum Weight 25 gr per Piece

Australian Truffle Tuber Melanosporum

edible fungus that are highly prized for their unique flavor and aroma. They are found primarily in the southwest region of Western Australia, where the climate and soil conditions are conducive to their growth. The harvesting season for Western Australian truffles typically runs from June through August. During this time, trained truffle dogs are used to locate the mature truffles, which are then carefully extracted from the soil. Similar to the Perigord Black Truffles, Western Australian truffle is characterized by its black exterior and white marbling on the inside. It has a complex, earthy flavor with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and sometimes a hint of spice. The aroma is also quite distinctive, with a musky, slightly floral scent that is often described as "earthy" or "woody".

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