Burrata 125gr
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Burrata 125gr


Price per box (2 of 125g)

We could say that Burrata and mozzarella are quite similar, but the first one has a much softer texture. In partiucular, its peculiarity is that it is a sheet of mozzarella dough containing a creamy butter serum full of smaller pieces of mozzrella torn by hand, the so-called stracciatella. Its flavor is sweet and buttery.

Today Burrata is considered a real delicacy. It was originally produced by peasants to re-use any remainings, therefre mixing the residues of the cheese dough with the cream than wrapped in a mozzarella casing. The master cheesemakers work mostly with bare hands into boiling water without the use of any machinery or technology. 

Preservative free.

Serve it as fresh as possible, with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. We have practical trays for you, which are perfect for the fresh-food counter or the kitchen, so that you can add a personal touch to your menus.

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