Sardinian Spine Artichoke
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Sardinian Spine Artichoke


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Sardinian artichoke comes with thorns, they are oblong shaped characterized by a closed top with dark green external leaves. Among the varieties of artichokes the Sardinian one is at the top of the list for its taste and consistency.

In traditional Sardinian cuisine, it is eaten raw, dressed with oil, salt and pepper or boiled in water with vinegar and dressed as you wish. Sometimes it is casseroled along with seasonal vegetables such as broad beans peas or potatoes. Wash your artichokes well, remove the tough outer leaves until you reach the lighter colored tender inner leaves, and then cut the stem off flush (reserve it), so the artichoke will stand up. Using a knife, cut the point of the artichoke off flat at the height of the tips of the outermost leaves (this does away with the spiny tips of the leaves), then core it, removing the innermost leaves (just the innermost leaves above the heart) and any fuzz there may be in the center of the artichoke heart. Set aside the leaves removed, but discard the fuzz. Next, spread the remaining leaves of the artichoke a bit with your fingers, and set your cored artichoke and the reserved leaves to soak in a bowl of water with the juice of a lemon squeezed into it to keep the it from darkening. Continue with the next artichoke; when you've finished coring the artichokes, take the stems; if you look at a freshly cut surface you will see that the heart is lighter, and surrounded by a ring of darker green. Trim away the green outer parts, which are bitter. Julienne the white inner stems and add them to the reserved leaves and heart.

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