Carnaroli Gran Riserva Rice Vacuum Pack 1kg

Carnaroli Gran Riserva Rice Vacuum Pack 1kg


1 pcs

Ageing process was already known and extensively used in ancient times. In fact, after drying, rice still has to acquire all its top-quality characteristics. Rice, when aged and stored with care, greatly increases in size and this reduces the dispersion of starch and minerals during cooking. The grains of our Carnaroli Gran Riserva do not stick during cooking and keep their shape and resist over-cooking.

Cooking time: From 13 Minutes depends on taste

Carnaroli Gran Riserva rice  is particularly suitable for risottos due to a grain rich in starch, which contributes to its notable firmness, with his large and long grainand is very appreciated by professional chefs that recommended it for risottos and all fine dishes.

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