Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli Rice


Price per pack 1kg

The Carnaroli rice grains have the highest content of amylose, a substance that contributes to make the grain compact. For this reason, it boasts special gastronomic attitudes with an escellent balance between good absorption capacity and little starch loss so that there is no danger of overcooking.
This makes it an excellent rice variety, particularly appreciated by great chefs for the ability of its grains to stay hard at the core and to stay perfect and well separated.

The risotto can be considered a national dish of the Pianura Padana. The traditional choice would be for the Carnaroli Rice. The quantity depends on the number of table companions... and from their appetite!

An average of 80-100 grams per person is the standard.

Before starting the preparation, don't forget to have the tools to hand. A best pan exists in fact for every dish and the best risotto is cooked in a round, heavy based, 5 cm. high casserole, in order to maintain a homogeneous heat through the cooking. The gently stirring of the risotto is obtained with a long handled wooden spoon (a specific one is the spoon with a central hole).

Prepare the Carnaroli rice, oil, butter, onion and the ingredients for the chosen risotto, and proceed in the preparation of the "soffritto".

The soffritto helps the toasting of the grains which mantain their consistency and taste during the cooking. While the broth boils gently in a pot, melt te the oil and butter in the casserole, adding the thinly sliced onion, till it is soft and brown but not too dark.

Higher the heat at this point,add the rice and gently stir with the wooden spoon. As soon as the grains begin to toast and get clear, pour in some wine. Once the wine has evaporated and the grains loose their brilliant aspect, pour in the boiling broth , in small batches, stirring gently and lowering the heat.

From now on the heat should be kept low, in order to simmer the risotto, which should be kept covered with broth.

Although risotto is said to require continuous stirring, it does not. To obtain a very nice risotto it is sufficient to stir the mix every 2-3 minutes, in order to uniform the heat and the ingredients, by checking that it does not adhere to the pan.

The sign that the cooking is proceeding well is that a creamy liquid forms in the risotto when the starch detaches from the grain. Once the broth has been absorbed, about 16 minutes from the beginning of the cooking, the "mantecatura" is done, and the well separated grains mix together.The risotto is still runny (ìall'ondaî), when the flame should be extinguished and some grated Parmigiano cheese and a knob of butter mixed into the risotto.

The risotto could rest for a ittle while and it still cooks with the heat from the pan.

For this reason it should be removed from the heat when still "al dente", firm to the bite.

In order to adapt the cooking times, although the recipes on the packaging indicate them, the tasting test is the best: the correct consistency of the risotto is achieved once that a spoon of mix poured on the plate sets without running.

The risotto still cooks while it is resting, thanks to the heat of the casserole.

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