Comtè AOC Cheese 24 Months - 250gr
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Comtè AOC Cheese 24 Months - 250gr


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Comté 24 months AOC Produced from cow's milk that have been fed from the rich pastures of the Jura mountains, no additives are mixed with the milk. It is one of the most appreciated cheese in France and the world

Comté was one of the first few cheeses to receive an AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) status in 1958. It is one of the most popular AOC cheeses in France with around 40,000 tons of annual production.

Considered one of the finest cheeses in the world, a wedge of Comte reveals a pale yellow interior and a texture that can vary from silky, flabby to crystalline. The main aromatic flavours that delicately linger on the palate are a balance of brown-butter and roasted-nut aromas and a sweet finish.


Comte can be eaten any time of the day. It exhibits a beautiful floral aroma with distinct flavours reminiscent of cashew nuts and honey. This French gruyere is the benchmark for all melting cheeses with its perfect melting texture and flavour release

Comté is a great cheese for cooking. Those same nutty flavors work well in a bowl of mac and cheese, sprinkled over veggies, or folded into a plate of eggs. It's a fairly firm cheese, so it can be sliced, cubed, or grated as needed

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