Mother Sourdough powder

Mother Sourdough powder


Price per Pack 500g

The Molino Paolo Mariani revives the extraordinary figure of Eurisace, bakers of the Roman Empire and master of bread, with a new and broader line of flours, flakes of aromatic grains and seeds suitable for multiple uses. Dedicated to white art professionals who want to rediscover the authentic taste and genuine than once.

The bread, always present on the table of the Romans, was produced in different types depending on usage and consumer social grade. Ovens and bakers worked tirelessly and the possibility of redemption attracted working ambitions of slaves, who worked without limit of time and with very low pay.

One of the strongest and most skilful was definitely Marco Virgilio Eurisace, slave of Greek origin that with hard work (at that time to make the bread was considered one of the trades most extreme and tiring!) And his passion became baker contractor for both the State, and for the entire population for who the bread was a fundamental element of subsistence.

A unique product that can improve the taste and aroma of the dough, increasing the elasticity and durability.
Its unique formulation makes it particularly suitable for the production of round pizza or pan.

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