Pantelleria caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil

Pantelleria caper leaves in extra virgin olive oil


Price per jar 900g

La Nicchia historical roots go way back in time and place.

They are deeply entrenched in the soil of a remote Island, isolated from the world...

Antonio Bonomo and Girolamo Giglio actually set up their Caper Production farm in Pantelleria as far back as 1949. When the founders Antonio and Girolamo passed away, their sons garnered the heritage of their fathers’ painstaking and precious toil and entrusted it to Gabriele Lasagni, who carried out extensive studies and research on the raw materials that Pantelleria is endowed with and now manages La Nicchia with a passion. Sixty years on, ours is the only farming company in Pantelleria that operates as a Farm, a Caper Processing Plant, and a Specialty Food Laboratory. Working with us in Pantelleria are Battista and Giovanni at the Caper Processing Plant, Maurizio, Nicola and Raffaella at the Specialty Food Laboratory, and Giovanni L. at the Farm.

Carefully selected caper leaves, firm and crunchy, with just the right balance between savory and aromatic flavors and a pleasant note of sharpness. They look great on the plate and taste good.

Ideal to dress and garnish all fish and meat dishes as well as raw and cooked vegetables. Try them deep fried in batter.

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