Formai del Mut dell'Alta val Brembana POD
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Formai del Mut dell'Alta val Brembana POD


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The dialect name for this cheese means ‘Mountain cheese’ and it is made in 22 municipalities in the high Val Brembana on the borders with the Valtellina. It is eaten both fresh and ripened. The alpine pasture version (easily distinguished by its blue ink branding on the surface whilst the dairy version is red) is at its best after about six months ripening.

Produced with full fat, raw, cow’s milk, this cheese is compact, more or less intense yellow paste with oval pinholes. The taste is intense and rich with slight traces of animals and grass.

Full bodied red wines. Aromatic honey. Fresh fruit (Passacrassana pears). Hot marrow preserve. Black rye bread and ‘taragna’ polenta.

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