High Quality Balsamic vinegar from Modena 12 years aged

High Quality Balsamic vinegar from Modena 12 years aged


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The centuries-old experience of the Giusti family and the exceptional heritage of ancient barrels make it possible to create a Balsamic Vinegar of exception, aged for at least twelve years.

Each drop contains time and passion, from the generations who preceded us. Extraordinarily complex, full bodied, it offers a rich and harmonious crescendo of flavors. So smooth and delicately sweet to exalt any recipe.

Ingredients: Cooked must of Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.

Ageing: At least 12 years. In series of casks of decreasing capacity and different wood types, according to the method of “decantering and refilling.” A limited quantity is extracted every year from the smallest cask. 

Just in drops, to complements any recipe. Parmesan cheese, grilled shellfish, strawberries, vanilla ice- cream. To be savored alone, in the so called “meditation” consume. 

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