Chorizo Iberico de Bellota sliced
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Chorizo Iberico de Bellota sliced


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Should we look closely enough, we will clearly find out the different inspiration sources of Blázquez to produce each ham. We can see the unmistakable traces of an outdoor life and the amazing reflection of a montanera feed based on acorn and grass. We discover the details of a perfect curing process, where breed, salt, climate and years of tradition to produce a great product are combined.

A Blázquez product has its own identity and character. It looks like a “tough boy”, with perfect features and charismatic face…but even more interesting is its authenticity which enables it to boldly face whatever new challenges highly regarded gourmets bring.

El chorizo Admiración Premium is specially made with the highest quality pork. They are cured in our own secaderos according to our own traditional artisan-based methods. A unique product which will please luxury lovers.

Minimum curing time: 6 months

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