Radicchio Tardivo - Late Red Radicchio IGP
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Radicchio Tardivo - Late Red Radicchio IGP


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The pride of the agriculture of Treviso, the Late Red Chicory is the most precious variety of this chicory, unique for its making process and for its taste, lightly bitter.

The Late is harvested after the Early, from the first days of November following three production steps. The first is the “preforzatura”, in which the harvested plants with the roots are cleaned and the external leaves are removed. After this initial cleaning, big bunches are created, binding together 25-30 tufts in order to place the collars at the same height. Then, the bunches are buried and covered with protective tunnels to avoid contact with rains and ice.

The second step is the “imbiancamento” (in English: whitening), which make unique the taste, the consistency and the appearance of the Late Chicory. During this phase the plants are soaked until the collar in baths with slope water at a controlled temperature until a complete ripening, about 15-20 days. During this period the plant make new internal leaves which remain white and without chlorophyll, because they are protected from light sources. This operation, carefully checked, allows developing particular organoleptic characteristics, the leaves lost their fibrous consistency, becoming crispy and lightly bitter.

The last step is the “toilettatura” or finishing phase, where the tufts are set to be sold. Once unbound, the single tufts are cleaned from the external leaves and washed with fresh water.

Savoury and slightly bitter, it is perfect to be eaten both cooked and uncooked in various ways.

The shoots looks regular and homogenous, the tuft closed and solid. The back stalk is white, large and fleshy. In the mouth it is crispy and solid, from here starts a piece of leaf thin and reddish-purple.

Savoury and slightly bitter, it is perfect to be eaten both cooked and uncooked in various ways.

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