Golden Apple Extra
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Golden Apple Extra


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Golden Delicious is the non plus ultra of apple varieties. It is the most widely grown variety in the Val di Non and Europe as a whole. It is also the variety of choice for Italian families and more than 50% of the apples bought are Golden Delicious. The “pink blush” sometimes found on an area of skin on certain apples most exposed to the sun in mountain orchards is one of the distinctive feature.

To eat raw, with or without peel, as part of a meal or an occasional replacement for one. Also excellent in fruit salads and similar.

In a pot boil the rice, drain and let cool under cold water or better by mixing it with cubes of ice. Once it is cold flavor it with three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Cut the apple and the Asiago cheese into cubes, then cut in small washers shape the celery with its leaves, and break into pieces the walnuts. We combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them with the rice and add more oil. It's good to wait a few hours before consuming our rice, to allow all ingredients to perfectly mix.

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