Super sweet Honey Melon
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Super sweet Honey Melon



It is an aesthetically very particular fruit, of a round shape sometimes compressed at the poles, whose skin is completely smooth or partially netted in the area of ​​the petiole. The color is equally unusual, because it can change from light gray-green to straw yellow-cream based on the maturation stage; according to the varieties, even in full ripeness, some darker green rays that start from the petiole can be found. The peel is medium-thick. The flesh has a light orange color, sometimes it turns to a "salmon" color. The placental cavity where the seeds are contained is very small and it occupies less than 25% of the entire fruit, which makes it a good use as a slice on the plate. The fruit is generally evaluated as "unusual" by the consumer, as it does not immediately attract for its characteristics of smooth skin and light colors, but precisely for this reason it stands out in a unique way from all the other melons on the market.

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