Mezzi Paccheri VERRIGNI 500g

Mezzi Paccheri VERRIGNI 500g


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Antico Pastificio Rosetano was founded in 1898 by Luigi Verrigni who supplied the noble families of Rosburgo, the current-day Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo), with his high quality hand-made pastas. The superior quality of Verrigni pasta, obtained by stone-grinding the grain, using water from the Gran Sasso for the dough, and air-drying the finished pasta on bamboo canes, began to be recognized in other areas of Italy as well.

Superior quality comes from the decision to base the manufacturing process on the selection of the best durum wheat, exclusively Italian that is primarily cultivated and harvested in Abruzzo at Francesca’s farm company, but also by their friend, Francesco Paolo Valentini, farmer and famous winemaker.

Originally from Naples, mezzi paccheri are half the size of traditional paccheri, and shaped like little tubes. Much bigger in size than most pastas, this pasta by Verrigni is best served with a hearty sauce you can scoop up, like a spezzatino or fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella!

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