Traditional Nduja from Spilinga
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Traditional Nduja from Spilinga


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Nduja is a soft, spicy hot, spreadable salami considered one of the most famous, if not the most famous, of typical calabrian foods.Nduja originates from Spilinga, though great nduja can be found in all areas of Monte Poro. The name nduja comes from the french word "andouille", which means "sausage". Nduja is made with pork meat, a bit of fat, salt and a lot of red pepper.

In general, nduja is extremely spicy. Nduja is often considered an aphrodisiac due to all of the red pepper inside, and is also great for the heart and tastes wonderful.

The best way to eat nduja is simply with bread. You can also use it with a bit of tomato sauce to create a great sauce for your pasta (we suggest penne) or use it to create a fantastic rice.

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