Organic Pearl Barley from Italy

Organic Pearl Barley from Italy


Price per Pack 500g

On the scenographic area of the wildlife reserve of Fiume Nera, in a setting of mountains and ancient woods, is placed Bartolini’s farm.

Here we cultivate the olives, the legumes, the cereals, and on the higher parts near the woods, we breed cattle in the wild and dig seasonal truffles. Respectful of the environment, we are at the forefront of the cultivation of biological products and we work so that the agricultural productions are immune from chemical treatments. Our cattle helps us to do this, providing us with a natural fertilizer that is useful for cultivation, allowing us to close the cycle of biological cultivation.

Pearl barley (or "pearled barley") is barley processed to remove its hull and bran. Barley must have its fibrous outer hull removed before it can be eaten; pearl barley is taken a step further by being polished to remove the bran layer.

The pearl barley is used mainly in soups, salads, fillings, into meatballs and meatloaf; but it can also be prepared as a common risotto: toasted with a bit of sauce over high heat, brought to boiling with the addition of hot broth.

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