Particella 34 Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil

Particella 34 Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil


Price per bottle 0,5l

Rich of polyphenols with very low peroxides it is a natural anti-oxidant. It received a lot of acknowledgments in national and international competitions. Our organic extra virgin olive oil is made from a local olive variety known as "Tonda Iblea", a cultivar of the Monti Iblei area of south east Sicily. The extra virgin oil is obtained by cold pressing the olives with a temperature-controlled squeezing system (Alfa Laval and Pieralisi olive oil processing systems). The oil is packaged in various sizes glass bottles and in aluminium canisters.

Acidity level is below 0.2%.

We conserve it in small 500 liters stainless steel storage pins at a controlled temperature of 16 Celsius degrees, in order to avoid oxidation processes. Then we bottle it inside the farm, following the haccp method. The oil called “Particella 34 cru” comes entirely from the parcel number 34 of the cadastral map number 76. This is the only field of the farm area that is not well watered. It is a true “cru”. Cultivar Tonda Iblea. The Pianogrillo oil is sold as biological.

The oil has a deep smell of green tomato and just cut grass, a trace of artichoke. It is delicate, round. Little invasive it can be used in a great deal of preparations and a lot of great chefs use it for this reason. The green-yellow colour reminds the sunny sweeps of the Ibleo upland, the flavour is medium spicy while the acidity often does not reach 0.1%.

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